Akito's gallery...


1☆ Bigger-Than-Big Shot

Akito's initial 1☆. I will admit, it is very ugly. But I think it has some charm. I think early Project Sekai has issues with Akito's model in general.

2☆ Vivid BAD SQUAD

The iconic Akito pose! Who can forget it! Personally, I think it's cute... But a little wonky. As I already said, though, I just think the early Project Sekai art did Akito a little dirty.

3☆ Pent-Up Frustration

Akito's initial 3☆! I like the angle of the untrained, and the shading of the trained card is gorgeous and very unique. One of the first big stylistic differences in early cards.

4☆ Because We're Partners

Akito's first 4☆, for An's first focus event "Singing in Sync". I will be honest, this card is... Not good. The angle is awkward and the compisition is mediocre at best. Another case of "early game syndrome", where every early game card looked a little awkward.

4☆ Waiting For That Day to Come

A card from Toya's first focus, "Nocturne Interlude". This is the first Akito card that is actually GORGEOUS. The untrained is adorable and you can really see the emotion in both Akito and Toya, while the trained card perfectly mixes empty space with intense detail.

4☆ A Night of Defeat

Akito's first limited card, Akito's first focus event and Vivid BAD SQUAD's first limited banner! Akito's expression in the untrained is a little goofy, but I LOVE IT!!! I think that the untrained really puts you into Akito's emotions during the event, while the untrained is one of the first cards to really provide a visual display of the group's unity.

3☆ Bask in Happiness

My favourite Akito 3☆! I think it's really pretty. The untrained although not remarkable, is very cute, and we don't get many long shots of the characters. The trained has gorgeous colors and I think the framing is very cool!

4☆ Unchanging Summer Festival

Not one of my favourite cards personally. I do think that the untrained is very cute (aside from the fashion disaster that is Akito's shirt...), but the trained is just... boring to me? I dunno. I don't get the hype.

2☆ A Choice to Be Proud Of

For some reason I REALLY like this card? I just think the pose is really cute. I know it's just a 2☆ but it's a 5000000☆ in my heart.

Happy Birthday!!


4☆ A Chat on a Winter's Night

I think this card is so cute! The framing of the untrained makes you feel like you're part of the scene! I LOVE the trained... It's so cute. I love it. It's on my wall.

2☆ Towards Legend

I think this one's really cute! The pose is very dynamic and adorable, and the outfit suits him very well.

4☆ No Compromise in Making Chocolate

I SPENT. 120 FUCKING PULLS ON THIS CARD. AND DIDN'T GET HIM. IM CURSED. THIS IS SO UNFAIR. This card is so gorgeous it's perfect there are no mistakes I just wish I had it.

3☆ There's No Time to Lose!

This card is kind of ugly but it's ok! I think it has charm. The untrained with Akito and Tsukasa is adorable.

4☆ The Enthusiasm in Our Hands

My favourite Akito 4☆! He looks so pretty in this card and I think that the colors are so cool! Also his eyeline is more defined than usual (especially his lower eyeline) and it looks very cute.

4☆ One-Act Training in the Morning

AHHHHH SUNFLOWER AKITO!!!! He's adorable. The untrained is adorable!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH SCREAMS!!!

3☆ Together With the Plushies

Now that the Close Game Offline hype has died down I can say with all honesty this card is very mediorce at best. I don't like the colors. Akito's done better.

2☆ How Each of Us Spends Our Days Off


4☆ Loud Cheering Full of Excitement

I love this card so much! I think it's super cool and I love the hairstyle that comes with it. I couldn't get it on JP but I hope I can get it on EN!

Happy Birthday! 2022

I'm sorry he's so ugly here.

4☆ The Reason for the Words Given to Me

Honestly, not my favourite. But it's cute!

2☆ The Journey Is Also an Important Process

It's so cute! I love his pose and the lil horns...

4☆ Strategy Meeting and Cheesecake

I love this one! I like the muzzled look is honestly iconic... The untrained is also very cute (I love Arata. Also kitty.)

3☆ A Way Out That Can't Be Seen Anymore


4☆ The Thirsty Wanderer

This card killed my grandma and slaughtered my family. I love it. The SEKAI fragment story made me sad but I love it.