hey-hey! im kravitz, welcome to my neocities! i'm starting this as a fun side project instead of, you know, doing any of the stuff thats actually important. as all good side projects start.

i'm still deciding what to do with this site. for now it just sits here and looks pretty, i guess. i might use it as a diary to ramble about random stuff, we'll see! the site is themed after my all time favourite grim reaper fella, kravitz! yes that's where my name comes from obviously. PLEASE CHECK OUT MY AKITO SHRINE!!! (shrine link) I WORKED SO HARD ON IT.

i'm not the best at html, im only really used to editing preexisting codes (thanks to toyhou.se) but i am trying to learn some more!

side image is drawn by the lovely @herbgerblin on tumblr! art with unspecified credits is all official (ex. header is from the taz graphic novel)