"If you're not suited for the role, just rewrite the script!"

Akito is from a mobile rhythm game titled Project Sekai, a game in which 5 groups of teenagers find a song called "Untitled" on their phones. Upon opening this song, they are transferred to a world called "SEKAI", created purely by their own feelings. In this SEKAI, the characters are introduced to Hatsune Miku, and the other Virtual Singers.

Akito is part of a street music group called VIVID BAD SQUAD, all with the collective goal to surpass a legendary music event that happened 3 years prior called RAD WEEKEND. His group consists of Azusawa Kohane, Shirashi An, Toya Aoyagi, and himself.

He has a sister who is one year older than him, Ena Shinonome. Ena and Akito argue plenty, but at the end of the day they do care for eachother deeply. Akito puts up a "tough guy" persona towards people he is intimidated by in order to protect himself, but in truth he is a big softie. Towards those he doesn't know and authority figures, he has a "nice guy" persona, in which he is kind, respectful, and doesn't question a thing. His friends often are confused and a little shocked by the change in personality Akito can easily do.

Akito has pale skin and olive green eyes. He has short, messy orange hair with a blond dyed streak. He has one piercing on his right ear, and two on his left. He typically wears one silver stud on each, and one silver hoop on the second piercing on his left.

His casual/unit outfit consists of a yellow oversized hoodie, a dark grey bomber jacket with a yelllow interior, a red flannel tied around the waist, black track pants, and black, yellow, white, and blue sneakers. His sleeves are rolled up to his forearms.

His school uniform is the standard male uniform, but with a zip-up hoodie layered over the dress shirt, and under the blazer.

Akito is an incredibly interesting character, in my opinion. The layers behind Akito's different faces, personas, and facades show how he was taught to cope and deal with problems as a child. With an older sister purely relying on him, a father who constantly ignored yet demanded more, and a mother who was nothing but a bystandard, Akito was left to fend for himself.

His design is unique and interesting, him being one of few main characters with piercings (and with the most piercings in the game). His outfits are always cute, and iconic.

Akito is an easy source of comedy, his confusion about the shenanigans his peers get into, most noticable the "weirdo combo" Rui and Tsukasa, leads to a lot of funny moments. He can be overprotective towards the ones he love, but it isn't without reason. Akito often doubts himself and his abilities, thinking he's a complete failure after the slightest challenge. He has issues with his self-worth and often struggles because of this, fearing falling behind his groupmates.

"Alright, practice is gonna get a lot harder from here on out. You guys all ready for that?"