Project Eutychus is a story revolving a group of people working for a small government division codenamed "Eutychus", which works on the study, investigation and research of paranormal entities. The story takes place in New York City, where Eutychus's base of operations is.

Bentley Callahan, a paranormal investigator at Eutychus, is finally beginning to retell the tale of what happened two years prior regarding him and his now presumed dead investigatory partner, Cecil Mendril. A story full of turmoil, internal struggles, and dysfunctional relationships, the entirety of Eutychus fall down an even further rabbit hole into the world of the paranormal. Instead of observing it, they become part of the world they once concidered so disconnected from themselves.


During an investigation, Cecil, one of two paranormal investigators, ends up swept up by a large wave. Underneath the water, he discovers an unlabeled book with a cover decorated with symbols of tentacles and waves. Upon opening this book, Cecil becomes soulbound to the creature who had used this book as a connection to Cecil’s universe. Unknown to him at the time, this book was connected to the same creature that used to speak to Cecil when he was very young, and was the force that drove Cecil to begin his career in paranormal investigation.

Cecil ends up inexplicably bound to this book, but before he can properly grab the book, it is swept away once again by the ocean current. The book slowly starts making Cecil lose his mind, leading an already overworked and paranoid Cecil onto a desperate quest to once again find this book. Cecil ends up finding the current owner of the book, Atlantis Havelock. Bentley tries to stop Cecil after he suggests killing Atlantis for the book, and Cecil ends up almost killing Bentley in retaliation.