she/they, 24 years old, 5'6", bisexual trans woman

Anya is the director of Eutychus, meaning that she is the one that organizes, plans and schedules all sorts of things for Eutychus. She was appointed to the job when her boss and the former head and co-founder of Eutychus, Harvey Flores, retired 5 years prior. She’s hardworking and overworks herself constantly. She's often doubted by others due to her age compared to her position, but she always is determined to prove those people wrong. Anya is very dedicated to her work, and often struggles with feeling like she's not good enough despite that selfless determination she posesses.



he/they, 22 years old, 5'4", bisexual trans man

Anya’s assistant, hired due to the fact he and Anya were childhood friends. Helps with scheduling and paperwork. Overall though, he barely does his job. He mainly stays on the sidelines, way too worried to actually do any part of his job due to being severely underqualified for any job, let alone working in Eutychus. He's a hopeless romantic and strives for a deep romantic connection, although he's never had one before. Tyler is very chatty and outgoing and makes friends very easily.



he/him, 30 years old, 5'8", queer trans man

Cecil is one of two investigators in Eutychus, who go out and investigate cases in the real world. Investigators travel often for this job. Cecil was hired directly out of university due to being considered a prodigy in the field of paranormal science. He has difficulty communicating with others and needs a third party (most often his partner, Bentley) to help him get his points across as he cannot articulate himself in spoken form to those he doesn't know well.



he/him, 33 years old, 6'0", gay cis man

Bentley is one of two investigators in Eutychus. Bentley was recruited out of another government program, where he worked as an archival assistant. He's consistently fatigued, having trouble sleeping consistent hours. Despite his low-energy personality, he can often lovingly talk for hours about his passions. Bentley is a charasmatic man, able to hold up a conversation with just about anyone. He has an extreme sense of hyper-awareness in social situations, although it often makes him uncomfortable.



she/they, 28 years old, 5'11", lesbian trans woman

Rosabel is one of two researchers in Eutychus, who work on fact-checking different information and tips they receive, as well as researching new ideas for the investigators to look at. Rosabel was recruited right out of university. Rosabel will often play the "middle party" during arguments or discussions, trying to calm people down and get everyone to get along. She doesn't enjoy conflict, but if she needs to argue with someone she easily can. For the most part, though, she tries to stay a neutral party



she/her, 27 years old, 4'11", cis lesbian woman

Catrina is one of two researchers in Eutychus. Catrina was recruited right out of university. Catrina is bubbly, right, and expressive. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and call people out on their bullshit if she thinks it’s important. She is incredibly passionate about those she cares about and the second she attatches to someone she will shower them with gifts and affection.



she/her, 42 years old, 5'7", cis lesbian woman

The oldest and most experienced Eutychus member, Iz does work as the janitor, although she also gives a lot of advice and is the common sense of Eutychus. She has a distant yet positive relationship with most of Eutychus's members, remaining mostly on the outskirts of what is going on. She has been in Eutychus since it's founding, and was friendly with Asma and Harvey, the founders of the division.



any pronouns, age unknown, 5'5", demiromantic asexual genderqueer

den is part of a subsection of Eutychus that deals with “cleaning up messes”; covering for their mistakes and making sure that classified information stays classified. They have no care for Eutychus, and only took the job for fun. Eden is outgoing, joking and overall doesn’t take many things seriously. She has no care for the rest of eutychus, and for the most part just does their own thing. they pretend to be a human, but to freak people out sometimes she doesn't hide their demon-like appearance.