Eutychus was founded by two close friends and researchers, Asma Mikhail and Harvey Flores. The two had both worked in a larger division that had been swept up in a situation regarding paranormal activity it wasn't supposed to discover. Asma was highly passionate about the topic, and had convinced Harvey to assist her in investigating further. Harvey wanted to help, but was anxious about doing it without explict permission, as he was afraid of it becoming public. Harvey and Asma together were able to gather other people interested and qualified in the topic and recruit them to form a new subsection of the organization. They were relocated to New York City as it was concidered a hub for paranormal research and other paranormal activity.

The name Eutychus itself was suggested by Asma, whose research heavily sunk into religious studies and cultural studies. The name comes from the biblical figure Eutychus, a young man who had fallen from a three-story building and was presumed dead. Paul embraced Eutychus and told him he was not dead. The name was chosen as a code for the organization as Asma believed it reflected their goals, to make sure that these stories and ideas would not die. Asma became one of Eutychus's researchers while Harvey became the head of Eutychus.

Asma began to take more and more research trips outside of the office, which Harvey was cautious about. He didn't think Asma realized the risks that she took everytime she left the building, but Asma was fully aware, taking them regardless. During an investigation, Asma was met with a supernatural entity who promised a deal with her: Asma would be given the ability to sense people, objects and other things that would affect her future, and in exchange the entity could absorb Asma's passion. The entity was interested in humans, and saw Asma was one of deep passion. She accepted.

The next decade consisted of further research, although nothing extraordinary. Throughout this time, Asma told Harvey about the deal she made, which Harvey was concerned about, but trusted Asma to make the right decision regarding it.


The first of the modern/current members of Eutychus started to be hired around this time. The first was Cecil Mendril, who had already been in contact with Harvey in the past (because Cecil's research had exposed some of their classified investigations and had to be forcibly taken down. The second Cecil graduated university, he was recruited by Harvey to join as one of Eutychus's investigators. Before this, there were no real invesitgators in Eutychus, but the researchers did often go outside to take research trips.

The next to be recruited was Bentley Callahan, who had worked in another section of the government building Eutychus was situated, but as an archival assistant. Asma had stumbled upon Bentley by accident, but had the sense of Bentley being an important part of her, or moreso Eutychus's future, and convinced him to transfer to Eutychus, and switched him over to an investigatory job.

Asma had grown tired of her job and had told Harvey that she wanted to quit. He reluctantly said goodbye to her, but only under the agreement she would find researchers to replace her before she left. Asma had recruited two Canadian researchers, Rosabel & Catrina Ainsley. Asma retired, but still kept decent contact with Harvey. Harvey finally caved to Asma's requests to hire an assistant once she left, hiring Anya Asrail. Harvey soon after left Eutychus as well, leaving Anya in charge as he firmly believed she understood how to lead the most, despite her young age. Anya hired her childhood friend, Tyler Elliot, as her new assistant.


During an investigation, Cecil, one of two paranormal investigators, ends up swept up by a large wave. Underneath the water, he discovers an unlabeled book with a cover decorated with symbols of tentacles and waves. Upon opening this book, Cecil becomes soulbound to the creature who had used this book as a connection to Cecil’s universe. Unknown to him at the time, this book was connected to the same creature that used to speak to Cecil when he was very young, and was the force that drove Cecil to begin his career in paranormal investigation.

Cecil ends up inexplicably bound to this book, but before he can properly grab the book, it is swept away once again by the ocean current. The book slowly starts making Cecil lose his mind, leading an already overworked and paranoid Cecil onto a desperate quest to once again find this book. Cecil ends up finding the current owner of the book, Atlantis Havelock. Bentley tries to stop Cecil after he suggests killing Atlantis for the book, and Cecil ends up almost killing Bentley in retaliation.

Throughout this time, the rest of Eutychus remains unaware of what is going on, although they can tell Cecil is acting unusually, and the strain between Cecil and Bentley. Bentley ends up talking to Atlantis, and the two together figure out how to disconnect Cecil from the book, and end up sending Cecil to the realm in which the creature in the book resides, and bury the book far beyond where anyone would search for it.

Bentley, stricken with grief and terrified, is unable to tell the rest of Eutychus what properly happened to Cecil. They host a funeral for Cecil, despite Bentley insisting he isnt truly dead. Anya is able to convince her higher-ups to give Bentley and the rest of the crew more time before having to write a report regarding the incident, in order to let them grieve.


Two years after Cecil's disappearance and the funeral, Anya is finally out of excuses to prevent the formal report from happening. She has to interview each Eutychus member and write what they knew about Cecil's disappearance, including Bentley. Bentley, who has been struggling with isolation and depression throughout the two years without Cecil, is having difficulty addressing what happened to the two of them. Throughout these interviews, Bentley is never really properly honest, only giving half-truths and sometimes even blatantly lying about things that happened, including lying about how much he cared about Cecil. (Claiming he didn't care for him at all.)

While this is happening, Tyler decides that he should be more of help, since everyone else seems busy or troubled with their own things. He ends up going through Cecil's office and cleaning up parts of it, and stubles upon a notebook of Cecils that was hidden (Cecil would record practically everything that happened in his notebooks), which writes in depth about how the book worked, and how to enter or exit the realm that the creature resided in. Meaning there was a way to get Cecil out, when Bentley had insisted there wasn't.

He takes this newfound information to the rest of Eutychus, all of which are ecstatic to find out there's a way to save their friend who they thought was long gone… Except for Bentley. He subtly tries to divert them in the wrong direction, which ends up failing multiple times. Rosabel seems to notice this, and since she’s a good friend of Bentley’s, scolds him for his behavior.

Bentley and Rosabel get into a large argument and are struggling to keep their qualms with one another a secret, but Rosabel doesn’t want to get anyone involved. Especially Catrina, since Rosabel knows Catrina would dig into Bentley so hard if she knew.

Catrina ends up finding out what Rosabel and Bentley were hiding from her, and getting mad at both of them. Bentley, for being selfishly against Cecil coming back when he doesn’t have the right to choose his own comfort and denial over someone's life, and Rosabel for keeping this from Catrina.

Rosabel and Bentley make up and apologize to one another, but Bentley is still incredibly worried to bring Cecil back, as he’s been in such major denial of what happened that seeing Cecil might break him completely.

The plans end up finished as this is happening, thanks to Anya, and they are able to bring Cecil back. Cecil comes back very paranoid and even more worried than before, but the book’s influence is no longer with him.

Cecil ends up having to live with his father, because he was evicted from his own apartment considering he was presumed dead for two years, which isn’t too bad for Cecil. Him and his father are fairly close and get along well. Cecil at this time is too afraid to properly speak to anyone and can’t really control his thoughts properly, but Tyler ends up calming him down a substantial amount.

Cecil finally has the courage to properly speak to Bentley, and apologizes for everything he put Bentley through. Bentley forgives Cecil, but tells him he’s not quite sure if things can go back to the way they were before, because even if Cecil wasn’t controlling his own actions back then, Bentley still had to live through them and he’s still conflicted.

Bentley vents to Rosabel about his current state with Cecil, and Rosabel tells Bentley that everyone’s having troubles adjusting to the changes, and that Cecil’s disappearance was terrifying for them all. She tries to tell Bentley that he’s not alone in this, but he doesn’t really know how to feel about everything. Rosabel, who is normally used to playing a “middle party” type role, decides that it’s not going to work in this context, and tells Bentley straight up that if he doesn’t want Cecil here, he can simply leave, and that Cecil is everyone’s friend, and everyone cares about him, and if he doesn’t want to even acknowledge Cecil’s existence he’s better off not being at Eutychus anymore.

This conversation flips a switch in Bentley’s brain and he apologizes to Rosabel, but Rosabel is conflicted on forgiving him, considering he was a complete asshole to her not even a few minutes ago. They might be best friends, but that doesn’t give Bentley the right to be a complete dick to her.

This entire conversation not only helps Bentley realize that he’s been only thinking of himself the entire time Cecil was gone, but it helps Rosabel realize that she should share her feelings rather than trying to help everyone (especially when those people are being complete assholes).

While that is happening, Atlantis ends up coming to see Cecil, who begins to apologize profusely for what he did. Atlantis tells Cecil that he shouldn’t apologize, and that Atlantis of all people would understand what Cecil’s going through, considering they were both bound to the book. Atlantis tells Cecil that he became close friends with Bentley while Cecil was gone, and explains to him why Bentley was so nervous about Cecil coming back.

Cecil thanks Atlantis for explaining this to him, and Atlantis says that despite what happened, they should keep in contact. Cecil awkwardly agrees.

Cecil and Bentley end up making up, both apologizing for their faults and what they had done to eachother. They decide that going immediately back into what they were before was a bad idea, but that they want to slowly make it back to that point.


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